Tal Itkin Law Office

The Tal Itkin Law Office located in Haifa was founded in 1999 and has since gained knowledge, extensive experience, and significant expertise in the field of matrimonial status and the laws of succession, in all their tapestry of layers: actions for divorce, custody, alimony and child support, property related actions, property agreements, Ketubah, matrimonial reconciliation agreements, wills, estates and more.

Currently, the firm numbers three attorneys, all of whom possession extensive experience and have been practicing in the field of Family Law for years. The firm specialises in representation and litigating legal proceedings before all judicial instances: The Family Affairs Court, the District Court and the Supreme Court, as well as the Rabbinical Courts (regional and national).

At the Tal Itkin Law Office we are sensitive to the complexity, sensitivity and importance of a familial dispute as far as the client is concerned, and we therefore hold the client’s best interests as our guiding principle, walking the client all throughout the legal proceedings, fully cooperating with him or her throughout, all the while maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

We believe that in light of the familial dispute’s unique nature, one should aspire to reach agreed solutions to family disputes and crises, pursuing the values of dignity, equality and honesty. However, we do not hesitate to vigorously and determinedly act to further the client’s objectives in the course of adamantly conducted legal proceedings, in situations in which an agreed resolution is not possible or is unacceptable to the client.


Dissolution of Partnership in the Residential Apartment In most instances, the residential apartment is the most significant asset which a ...
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The Jurisdiction of the Rabbinical Court Under Israeli legislation, the Rabbinical Courts have exclusive jurisdiction by law to determine issues ...
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Division of Common Property in Divorce Proceedings The Distinction Between Equalisation of Resources and the Doctrine of Sharing There are ...
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Willa and Probate Proceedings The Inheritance Act 1965-5725 The Inheritance Act 1965-5725 prescribes the manner in which a deceased’s estate ...
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Laws of Succession and Inheritance The Inheritance Act 1965-5725 The Inheritance Act 1965-5725 prescribes the manner in which a deceased’s ...
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Background to Career and Goodwill Assets In recent years, the courts have had to contend with instances in which there ...
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Joint Custody

Joint Custody and Dividing Stay Times Guardianship Under the Legal Capacity and Guardianship Act 1962-5722, both the minor’s parents are ...
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Child Support

The Source of the Liability Jewish Law imposes on every father an absolute duty to maintain his children until they ...
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The Source of the Liability Jewish Law imposes on the husband, once he signs the Ketubah, a duty to maintain ...
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About the firm

Family law, marital status and the laws of inheritance are complex and branched fields of law, which divide into many ...
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