About the firm

Family law, marital status and the laws of inheritance are complex and branched fields of law, which divide into many sub-fields that have far reaching future implications to a client’s life: divorce actions, actions for child custody and child support, alimony and a woman’s entitlement to her Ketubah upon divorce, property related actions, actions involving inheritances, estates and wills, actions involving abduction of minors under The Hague Convention, minor immigration issues following divorce and more.

The Family Affairs Court Act which prescribes the law on these issues, grants the judges of Family Affairs Court wide-ranging authority to entertain any action the parties to which are relatives (as defined in the Act) or which the cause of action of which is a “Family Dispute”, without distinguishing the subject matter of the legal action or its value. As a result, many times family law merges with our “civil” law, commercial law or criminal law issues, which necessitate an overall and exhaustive response to all the matters in dispute.

The Tal Itkin Law Office has gained expertise in all these branches of the law through many years of activity, always making sure to keep up to date with all developments occurring in the field of Family Law, and to consult with skilled professionals in suitable instances. We have only one goal: we aspire to provide our clients with personal, reliable, professional and devoted service, that will serve their best interests in the best possible way.

The firm’s legal team believes that the key to conducting successful and efficient legal proceedings, lies in in-depth and personal acquaintance with the client, understanding his or her expectations and positions regarding the proceedings and all while fully cooperating with the client. Our firm takes pride in having litigated many cases which have established legal precedents in the field of Family Law, which have contributed to the field’s enrichment and development, and we act to promote better correlation between the changes and permutations occurring in the development of the modern family, and the practical fields of law.

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